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Blueprint to a Happy and Fulfilling Retirement

Updated: Aug 23

Would you consider building a house without a detailed blueprint? Of course not! And yet how many people enter the season of retirement without a blueprint of their dream retirement? Sadly, many. After the newness wears off people struggle with various issues:

  • Wondering why retirement doesn’t look or feel the way they thought it would, questioning their decision to retire, dwelling on the past, and worrying what they could have done differently

  • Struggling to lead an active lifestyle because of health issues

  • Feeling socially awkward because they don’t fit in at the senior center or with friends who are still working

  • Feeling robbed or cheated because of the loss of a spouse or family member, divorce or medical diagnosis

  • Frustration with adult children who see them always on call and ready to respond to their every need

  • Mental health issues like depression, anxiety, alcohol and drug dependency

Yes, these are just a few of the experiences of those who have entered retirement without a clear blueprint.

Successfully transitioning to this new season of life involves more than a financial plan…it requires a Life Plan. In fact, it requires knowledge, effort and a lot of work which many individuals and couples may not be equipped to do on their own.

That’s why I am offering the upcoming Naked Retirement Workshop where you learn to “strip off” old, outdated views of retirement (yes, clothes are required!) It serves as an entry point to creating your retirement blueprint. And, if you have a spouse or life partner, this workshop will help stimulate some intentional conversations around both of your expectations and hopes for retirement.

As a Certified Professional Retirement Coach, I help individuals and couples create their blueprint for their dream retirement. Please consider attending this fun and engaging event held at the Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce, 1120 Lincoln Street, Wisconsin Rapids, from 6-7:30 pm. Click on this link to get registered. The best years are yet to be (with some planning and preparation!) If you have any questions, please send me an email or leave a comment below.

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Dr. Richelle Hoekstra-Anderson is an Abundant Life and Business Coach. Her coaching utilizes a variety of tools to help you gain clarity on how you are designed for significance. When you come to understand and appreciate your unique design, you create the mindset to help you meet current challenges and live an abundant life. Ultimately, you gain new insight and learn the skills needed to create a confident life of peace, balance, and joy.

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