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God Does Not Waste Your Pain

Updated: Aug 23

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Have you ever experienced something so hard that you could see no silver lining? You had no idea how that circumstance could possibly be used for good later?

Let me tell you this: That is a lie from the enemy who wants to keep you down.

There is absolutely nothing in your past, present or future that God will waste.

How Your Brokenness Can Become a Masterpiece

When you trust Him with all the pieces of your brokenness, disappointments, failures, hurts, and heartbreak, He creates a beautiful mosaic.

Your life is that beautiful piece of mosaic art.

Each piece of disappointment, hurt, hope, happiness, and everything in between makes up a bigger picture of God’s goodness and provision in your life.

When others look at you, they see the unique being who has been shaped by every life experience up until now.

Of course your journey has been peppered with some regrets, but there’s no need for shame or fear with God.

God knows your entire life story and incorporates it all into His purposes for you and plans for your future.

How God Can Use Your Story

When I had cancer 15 years ago, I prayed that God would use my pain for His greater purposes. I wanted my experience to have meaning or be useful for someone else.

In my mind, it would be worth it if it meant I could help someone else along the way.

And you know what? I’ve been able to support and encourage many cancer patients since then. I’m able to understand and empathize with people in a way that wasn’t possible before. My circumstance was difficult beyond description, but it wasn’t wasted.

God didn’t waste my cancer. I’m eternally grateful for all that I learned in my cancer journey.

Since then, like most people, my life has been a mixture of joy and heartache. After all, none of us get out of this messy world without pain.

But I know that it’s all added up to a lifetime of experiences that hopefully makes me a more wise, loving human being who adds value to those I am fortunate to cross paths with, like you reading this now.

So my prayer for you as you reflect upon your own life up until now is that you’ll realize that God is in the restoration business.

God can take the messes and beautiful moments of our lives and create a Masterpiece.

And that’s what you are. God’s Masterpiece.

“For we are God's masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” -Ephesians 2:10 NLT

If you’re at a place where you are ready to have an experienced coach work with you through finding the purpose in your pain, set up a free 15 minute call with me. We’ll talk through some of your story and see if we would work well together to start your journey toward abundant life.

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