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Truth Be Told: How to Replace the Enemy's Lies with God's Truth

Updated: Aug 23

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“Each day is a gift that holds many more gifts. Don’t miss the gifts right in front of you.”

Do you know that YOU are the gift right in front of you?

No matter your age, stage, imperfections, or victories. No matter what you’ve done or haven’t done. No matter what you think of yourself.

You are a gift to the world around you.

Because you are God’s created and beloved child. You have God’s image. God’s likeness. And God specifically gave it to you. And you have a relationship with Him. He loves you completely and perfectly.

However, the enemy seeks to “steal, kill, and destroy” (John 10:10) all that is good, including your belief in your identity as a beloved child of God.

Satan’s Greatest Tactics: Distractions and Lies

How does the enemy do it? He distracts you from the Truth.

The enemy loves it when you focus on your imperfections and drag yourself down. He wants you to remember that presentation at work that didn’t go well, that time you lashed out in anger, or that you get discouraged when you look in the mirror because your body doesn’t look like it did five years ago.

If he is successful in getting you to focus on your perceived imperfections, it will derail and distract you from your purpose. Focusing on what discourages you fills your mind up quickly, leaving little room for what you love and why you love it.

And when that occurs, you will hold back or come from a false version of yourself.

You act like what you believe you are. “Fake it till you make it” only gets us so far. That mentality can sometimes get you through a rough work meeting, but it will not sustain you through a hard season of life.

If you focus on your imperfections, you will start to believe the lies from the enemy instead of the Truth of God.

Speak God’s Truth Over Your Life

So surround yourself with reminders of God’s truth, what God says about you.

You are made in His likeness and image. Resist the lies of the Enemy and replace them with truth.

Here are some spiritual truths about you that you can use to send the Enemy fleeing while at the same time renewing your mind.

In Jesus…

I am accepted.

I belong.

I am included.

I am desired.

I am wanted.

I am cherished.

I am treasured.

When a derogatory thought goes through your mind, replace it with truth.

Repeat these truths daily until they feel true. Put them on sticky notes around your desk or bathroom mirror. Write them in your planner. Set it as your phone background. Give your friends this list and ask them to remind you of it if you start to speak negatively about yourself.

Do what you can to surround yourself with truth.

I’ll say it again. You and your life are a gift to the world and to God. Embrace that truth with humility and gratitude. Ask Him to help you walk out that truth in your self-talk each and every day. When you do, your confidence and joy in sharing your gifts will grow abundantly. And the world around you will be even more blessed!

If you need help discovering your abundant mindset and learning how to speak truth to yourself, schedule a free call HERE to see if 1:1 coaching is the right answer for you.

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