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with Dr. Richelle

Do you feel...


  • Like most of your time working in your business is spent running in the hamster wheel of life trying to DO all the things business owners are "supposed" to do?

  • You have no direction, you're not exactly sure why you're doing all of the things every expert out there tells you to do, and you see no results?

  • Your revenue isn't where you want it to be?

  • You're stressed out?

  • You're juggling too many things?

  • You're wearing too many hats?

Let's put it simply... your life lacks BALANCE.

If you answered YES to any or all of those, keep reading.

I've been where you are
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When I stepped into the entrepreneurial world in 2017 I was living under a GRIND mentality. I was grinding away at all the things I thought I should be doing without much of a strategy or purpose.

If you are anything like who I was, you are 

  • working hard on the never ending list of should-do's but your income isn't growing

  • suffering from imposter syndrome, feeling like you don't have anything valuable to share with the world

  • feeling overwhelmed and exhausted in life because your personal and business lives are unbalanced

  • disappointed because you thought the entrepreneurial life meant more time and money freedom

  • feeling guilty for having high financial goals

There is a better way and I want to teach you the strategies I've used to get crystal clear on my purpose, increase my profits, and regain peace.

Through my coaching program, I will help you create space to exchange the grind for grace.  You will learn to lead yourself well first, understand your God-given unique design and develop the beliefs and habits to create balance and a life rooted in purpose, peace and profit.

I have good news!
  • you are an entrepreneur or leader just starting out or with multiple years in business but can't quite figure out how to reach the next level

  • you have a dream in your heart, but you're letting the fear that you're not good enough or qualified enough get in the way

  • you want to create a compelling vision for your life and business

  • you desire balance in your life 

  • you are ready for your profits to increase leading to more freedom and flexibility 

  • you are committed to following through on the necessary action steps

Each of my coaching programs is personalized and uniquely designed to help you achieve your specific goals and dreams.​


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My coaching is for you if...


This time next year

You work with me

You will have...

  • a clear vision and mission for your life and business

  • greater professional success and profit

  • greater self-confidence

  • balance in all areas of your life

  • improved decision-making

  • greater problem-solving skills

  • strong leadership skills

  • healthy boundaries in relationships

  • effective communication skills

  • time and money freedom

You don't work with me

You will still...

  • be spinning your wheels

  • be procrastinating

  • be distracted

  • be wearing too many hats

  • be juggling too many things

  • be spinning out of control

  • be struggling with not enough time and energy to do it all

Living the abundant life is possible when you say yes to the best and let go of the distractions that derail you from God’s purposes for your life and business.  You are capable of amazing things and the world needs you!


"Working with Dr. Richelle has been one of the best decisions I've ever made personally and professionally.  Her coaching ability is incredible and she was able to help me have big breakthroughs in my life and career because of her unwavering support and my new found belief.  I am experiencing a more abundant life because I'm stepping out of the grind of life and into the grace of God in all areas of my life.  I'm grateful for Dr. Richelle's real-life experiences and servant-leadership heart that has helped me to grow into my fuller potential."

—  Courtney Booth, Co-Founder of Booth Leadership

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