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Dr. Richelle Abundant Life & Business Coach

Create an

abundant life

rooted in 

purpose,peace &profit

You are created to live out your talents and dreams in
abundant grace and peace.


You have dreams for your life and business. You work hard to make those dreams a reality, but that hard work can quickly lead to exhaustion and frustration. 

Today’s culture yells at us as entrepreneurs and leaders to work harder and longer. Have more followers. Fear our competitors. Show up to everything with something new. Get your message to the biggest market in the loudest way possible.

Does this leave you feeling defeated, depressed, anxious, overwhelmed and insecure? 
Are you sick of the work “grind” life? 
Are you tired of feeling burnt out and like you don’t know where to turn?

I’ve been there too. Through training and personal experience, I’ve discovered the path to leading a life and business that is peaceful and profitable.

I’m here to encourage and help overwhelmed Christian women restore healthy balance to their lives by creating abundant purpose, peace, and profit in every area of their lives.




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Hi there! I'm Dr. Richelle


​I am an Abundant Life and Business coach, clinical psychologist, speaker, and trainer.

I am passionate about helping busy, overwhelmed Christian women embrace abundant peace, purpose and profit.

Being a coach isn’t about fixing people. One of my favorite aspects of being a coach is partnering with people, like you. I love to help transform lives and motivate people to intentionally live out their values as they confidently move towards their goals. 
When you learn to lead yourself well first, everyone around you is positively impacted by your leadership.

My coaching draws upon over 30 years of experience as a clinical psychologist, college instructor, and trainer. I combine an array of research-based transformation strategies and Biblical principles to guide you towards your longed-for results. Working together, we will overcome self-doubt, distraction, and overwhelm to develop an abundant mindset and habits. The abundant mindset and habits will restore your life work to peaceful balance. By partnering with me as your coach, you will discover how you are uniquely designed by God, create healthy boundaries around your time, and experience greater self-confidence and self-acceptance in all areas of your life. 

Most importantly you will create a strategy to increase your time, profits, and freedom, so that you can prioritize what matters most to you. 

Investing in your own personal growth is the best way to grow your business!

You can learn more about my personal journey to the abundant mindset and credentials here.

Let's connect on a call to learn more about you and your business!

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Ways To Work With Me
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1:1 or group coaching

You don’t have to stay stuck in the same old patterns. Learn how coaching can help you live an abundant life of purpose, peace and profit by showing you how to say yes to the right things in all areas of life. Private coaching programs include:

Set up a free 15-minute call to discuss your current goals and learn if we’re a good fit!

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Keynotes and workshops

As a Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer, I develop speeches and workshops that inspire people to implement new ways of thinking, form healthy relationships, and set goals so they can create a life of purpose, peace, and profit.


Each talk or workshop is tailored to your company’s unique and complex needs.

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A successful, fulfilling life is within reach

Join the Facebook group

Are you looking for a community of like-minded individuals on the path to abundant living?

Or maybe you're looking for a daily dose of positivity?

Join me and over 1,900 others in my private Facebook group, Abundant Mindset with Dr. Richelle.

Watch the video to find out more about this exclusive group!

If you liked this video, check out my other videos here.

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I am grateful Dr. Richelle Hoekstra-Anderson is a life-changing Ziglar Legacy Speaker and Coach.  Dr. Richelle has discovered something profound - that choosing to Grind rather than living in Grace is a bad choice!  This makes her message and coaching so important and powerful today, as so many feel the only way through the disruptions life brings is to grind it out.  This is not true!  Being resilient is essential but it doesn’t mean you have to grind.  Are you tired of the grind?  Are you ready to get unstuck?  Then I highly recommend you speak with Dr. Richelle.  Her perspective and her coaching are truly life-changing.  I know - I have sought and implemented her counsel and I can tell you her input has impacted me and the entire Ziglar Family.

-Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar


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